Rice / Pasta Meals & Hot Soups

NOTE: all hot soups are served with bread roll and butter

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Bazar Rice (Preorder Only)

A traditional smoky jollof rice with smoked fish or chicken and steamed vegetables


Chicken or Prawn Paella (Preorder Only)

Oven baked basmati & vegetables with mixed herbs and spices with a choice of chicken or prawns


Creamy Corn Chowder (Pre-Order Only)

A delicious combo of fish, celery, sweetcorn, cream, croutons and spices.


Crispy Chicken Sticks (chicken breast kebab)


Nsala Soup (Pre-Order Only)

Lightly thickened rich aromatic soup with chunks of stock fish, dry fish, chicken or beef in spicy stock with local…


Pepper Soup (Pre-Order Only)

Tender chunks of fish, beef or chicken in a hot aromatic broth with fragrant regional spice (Before 7am or Pre-Order…


Small Cup of Soup (12oz) (Pre-Order Only)